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- The journal of the Cromwell Association

‘Cromwelliana’ is an annual journal of civil war and Cromwellian studies published by the Cromwell Association. It contains articles, papers, book reviews, and a bibliography of publications produced during the preceding year. An ongoing contribution is that of ‘Cromwellian Britain’ which focuses each year on a town in the UK. Cromwelliana is published in July each year. Current and back issues are available at Ł7-50 per copy (Ł4 for members) and can be obtained by sending for an order form at : [email protected]

Selected contents of the past 10 issues

2002 Did the Civil War and its aftermath offer any lasting new opportunities for women?

What were the social and economic impacts of the English Civil War on Catholics between 1642-48?Religious conflict and the Bermuda Islands in the mid-seventeenth century

Cromwellian Britain: Bridgwater, Somerset

2001 The Battle of Dunbar

Cromwell and the ‘re-admission’ of the Jews to England in 1656Standards of the Ironsides 1642-47Cromwellian Britain: Belton, Lincolnshire

2000 Cromwell and the Huguenots

Monuments to the Regicides at Vevey, Switzerland

Cromwellian Britain: Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon

1999 Cavalry of the English Civil War

Oliver Cromwell - Kingship and the Humble Petition and Advice

The Siege of Crowland, 1643Cromwellian Britain: Islington, London

1998 The Battle of Gainsborough, July 1643Admiral Robert Blake (1599-1657) and Admiral Lord Nelson : Master and Disciple?

King-killing no murder: Cromwell in 1648Cromwellian Britain : Harrow, Middlesex

1997 Music : The Legacy of the Commonwealth

The English Civil War and the American Connection

The Practical use of Battlefield Plans in the English Civil War

Cromwellian Britain : Montgomery, Montgomeryshire

1996 The Impact of the Civil War on Cambridgeshire

The Second Battle of Newbury : A Re-appraisal Cromwell’s Protectorate : A Collective Leadership? The Evidence from Foreign Policy

Cromwellian Britain : Newmarket, Suffolk

1995 The Army and the Execution of Charles I

Tension between the Rump and the Army, 1649-1653Chester’s Role in the Civil War

Cromwellian Britain : Uxbridge, Middlesex

1994 Richard Cromwell The Wealth of Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell and the English Experience Manoeuvre Warfare, 1645-1651Cromwellian Britain : Barthomely Church, Cheshire

1993 Revolution and Restoration, the Effect on the Lives of Ordinary Women

The Diagnosis of Oliver Cromwell’s Fatal Illness

Cromwellian Britain : Ince Castle, Cornwall

1992 The Poets at War : A Verse-History of the Battle of Edgehill

Victorian Artists and the English Civil War

Lessons in Revolution : The Impact of the London Military Companies

Cromwellian Britain : Evesham, Worcestershire


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