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Tracing Links to Cromwell - Click here for some general information on tracing links to Cromwell


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Oliver Cromwell      

The main entry for Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) in the format of a data chart. Data charts exist for all entries on these pages.


Full list of all surnames that occur on these pages, organised A-Z , with the number of entries for each surname shown in brackets. Click on the family name and you will be taken to the list of individuals.

List of Individuals      

Full A-Z list of all individuals recorded on these pages. Click on the individual name and you will be taken to their Data Chart.

Data Charts      

Each individual is represented in a data chart. The years of birth, death and marriage are given, together with details of parents and children, and a chart showing the two generations before the subject of the Data Chart. All other individual names can be clicked to provide links to their own charts.
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Event List      

A chronological listing of all events, births, deaths and marriages that occur on these pages, from 1485-1939


Details of the number of entries on these pages

Descendancy List (pdf)     

Full list of descendants presented graphically. To increase the legibility expand the % view in the navigation bar in Adobe Acrobat to the maximum allowed. Male entries are in blue, female in red .

PDF Files - For PDF files to be viewed your computer needs to have the Adobe Acrobat software etc (click here to download Adobe Acrobat reader) Please note that as these files are presented in Adobe they are not capable of linking directly to any other part of these pages. If you find an individual who you require more information about note their name and details and return to the Data Charts.

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Download Gedcom file     

A Gedcom is a way of sharing genealogy information quickly and easily - you can download the file and load it up into your own genealogy programme.

If you have links to the Cromwell family that are verified by the information given on these pages, and have a web site that shows the connection, please do forward a link that we can consider for inclusion.

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Cromwell Association     

A website dedicated to the study of Cromwell and the wider history of the period, which includes the Civil War, the Commonwealth and the Protectorate. 

Cromwell Museum     

The website of the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon - The Museum's purpose is to interpret the life and legacy of Oliver Cromwell, 1599-1658, by collecting, explaining and exhibiting relevant material.
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