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  The statue was put up in Stocks Market in May 1672, the anniversary of the Restoration. It stayed there, a notable London landmark, until 1736 when it was removed to make way for the Mansion House, the official home of the Lord Mayor of London. The statue was eventually returned to the Viner family who moved it first to Gautby near Lincoln, and in 1885 to Newby Hall near Ripon.

Picture of Viner's statue of Cromwell on horseback

Viner's statue today, Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire. The Viner, or Vyner, family married into the Weddell-Robinson family of Newby in the 19th century. It was this link which led to the final move of the statue from Lincolnshire to Yorkshire. (Courtesy of Newby Hall Estate).
Newby Hall is open to the public throughout the summer,  see www.newbyhall.co.uk

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