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Cromwell online exhibition

  An on-line exhibition curated by the Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon, part of the Education, Libraries and Heritage Service, Cambridgeshire County Council.
The exhibition was shown in hard copy at the Museum between January and March 1999 as part of the Cromwell Quatercentenary programme.





Use the links below to visit specific areas of the  exhibition or click on "Visit the Exhibition" and enjoy a virtual tour of the entire collection

Hero or anti hero? 
- The first statue of Cromwell 
King's, Queens and Cromwell 
- Placing Cromwell in a sequence of British rulers 
Standing alone
- Statues of Cromwell in the United Kingdom 
Seeing the light 
- Cromwell portrayed in stained glass
Seen from abroad 
- Images of Cromwell outside the UK


  Link to the Online Exhibition   


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