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The statue which stands outside the Houses of Parliament was the most controversial of the four. During the premiership of the Liberal Earl of Rosebery in 1895 it was decided by a narrow majority in the Commons to vote 500 towards commissioning a statue of Cromwell. There was fierce opposition, especially from the Irish members, and the proposal was later withdrawn. Very shortly afterwards an anonymous donor offered the necessary funds on condition that a suitable site was chosen.
Despite strong criticism in the House of Lords, and petitions against the statue, it was unveiled without ceremony in November 1899. It was an open secret that Rosebery was the donor.



Picture of Cromwell's statue at Westminster

Westminster Statue 1998. Sculpted by Hamo Thorneycroft and cast in bronze. The sword and the bible are common to many images of Cromwell, who is shown here as a thoughtful but very powerful figure.

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