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Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge

Despite the fact that Cromwell was MP for Cambridge in the Parliaments of 1640 and 1642, there is no statue in the City to commemorate him. The stained glass window in the United Reformed Church in Trumpington Street, provides the only public portrait. The Church was opened in 1874. A leader of the Church was William Bond who was a local grocer and prominent Liberal. On his death in 1904 it was decided to create a memorial to him by placing a window of six prominent Puritan worthies associated with Cambridge in the Church. Made by Morris and Co. the windows were dedicated in January 1906. Cromwell's portrait is one of the two prominent centre windows.



Picture of stained glass window at Emannuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge

Emmanuel United Reformed Church. Given equal status in the window to an image of John Milton, Cromwell is depicted with the two key icons of his late 19th century imagery, the bible and the sword. He is draped in a green cloak, the origin of which is uncertain but clearly looks as though it might have been supplied by Liberty's! 
(Andrew Morris).

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