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The White Church, Fairhaven, Lancashire

This remarkable church on the Lancashire coast, designed for a congregation of 500, is built in the Byzantine style, unexpected in a non-conformist place of worship. The building is finished externally with white tiles to give the appearance of marble, with a campanile which rises 90 feet. The church was first proposed in 1899, and opened in 1912. The interior of the church is finished to a high standard and its crowning glory is the glass, designed by Abbot and Co. of Lancaster. It is presented in three parts, the scriptural story, the history of the reformed tradition and the modern heroes of the non-conformist movement. Cromwell is part of the middle section.



Picture of stained glass window at The White Church, Fairhaven

The White Church, Fairhaven. The inscription below the glass is 'Lord Protector of England. Saviour of his country - her civil and religious liberty. 1599 - 1658', the other windows include Milton, Bunyan and Tyndale. The image of Cromwell is very theatrical, with full military dress, hand resting on sword, and the background showing the Mace of the House of Commons. (Dawn Wadsworth).

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