What is the Cromwell Association?

The Cromwell Association was formed in 1937 and is a registered charity.

The purpose of the Association is to advance the education of the public in both the life and legacy of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), politician, soldier and statesman, and the wider history of the seventeenth century. The Association carries out the following activities for the benefit of the public:

  • campaigns for the preservation and conservation of buildings and sites relevant to Cromwell,
  • commissions, on behalf of the association, or in collaboration with others, plaques, panels and monuments at sites associated with Cromwell,
  • supports and encourages the Cromwell Museum and Cromwell Collection in Huntingdon,
  • provides, within the competence of the Association, advice to the media on all matters relating to the period,
  • encourages interest in the period in all phases of formal education by the publication of reading lists, information and web based resources,
  • publishes news and information about the period, including an annual journal and regular newsletters,
  • organises an annual service, day schools, conferences, lectures, and other educational events,
  • provides a web-based resource for researchers in the period including students, genealogists and interested parties,
  • offers from time to time grants, awards and prizes to individuals and organisations working towards the objectives stated above.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a member of the Association you will be helping to support the objects and activities described above. As an individual member you will be entitled to:

  • Receive as part of your new member pack a free copy of ‘Oliver Cromwell – England’s Protector’ by David Horspool, a paperback edition of the short biography of Cromwell published by Penguin in the series Penguin Monarchs.
  • receive our annual historical journal, Cromwelliana, published in July, which includes articles and reviews of interest as well as an annual survey of recently published work,
  • receive the newsletter The Protector’s Pen, which is published twice a year with details of events and activities of interest, and shorter pieces on Cromwell,
  • join us for our Annual General Meeting in April held at a site of some significance to Cromwell. The meeting combines business with the opportunity to meet fellow members and participate in the governance of the Association,
  • attend the annual service held on or near the anniversary of Cromwell’s death on 3rd September, where possible this is combined with a visit to a site or place of interest,
  • have priority booking for study days and invitations to other events organised
    by the Association, at preferential rates,
  • purchase special Association merchandise to help financially support the organisation.

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