Welcome to the Schools and Colleges
section of the Cromwell Association website!

The Cromwell Association is passionate about supporting students of 17th century British history and that is why we have worked so hard on this project. As an A level teacher myself, I know that it can be difficult to get hold of resources for this period so my colleagues and I aim to put together a selection of helpful material for schools and colleges to use.

We hope you will agree that we’ve made a good start. We will continue to add to the pages on offer and we would like you to make contributions too. We have a section to showcase the best work our students produce – could one of your student’s essays be exhibited here? The revision area is meant to be interactive, so that we can all share activities that have worked with our classes in the past. If you would like to post an activity, please email me.

In addition to this, we have an exciting range of resources. There is a treasure trove of articles under seven different headings – more articles are added as they are written so that you can be sure your students will benefit from the very ‘cutting edge’ of Cromwellian scholarship. Dr Patrick Little, from the History of Parliament Trust and Professor Peter Gaunt, of the University of Chester have produced source analyses, which will be of use to any student who is a little unsure about how to pull apart a source. From Cambridge University, Professor David Smith’s piece on Choosing Sides is aimed mainly at Edexcel students but will be of general interest too. There are an increasing number of audio lectures from prominent academics all directly related to the A level syllabuses, a quotations area, and last but not least, information about upcoming events which might be of interest to A level historians, [such as our annual essay prize].

We hope you agree with us that this is an exciting venture and, in order to make the resources available to the widest possible audience, we are offering it all completely free of charge for the academic year 2017/18. All we ask is that you register your visit to the site by sending a brief email to me with your name and school. I will then make sure you are sent any useful and relevant information about our activities for A level students.

We look forward to seeing you in the Teacher’s area.

Serrie Meakins