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There are many other sites on the web with information about Cromwell, the English Civil Wars and the Commonwealth and Protectorate. This page of links does not aim to be comprehensive, but hopefully a useful point of reference in other directions, but have a good look on this site and the associated sites first.

Please inform us at [email protected] of any broken links and any sites that you find particularly useful and that are not referred to here.

The links have been categorised in to the following groups:

General materials

More information about Cromwell and the 17th Century, useful for a wide range of projects

Useful material aimed at Key Stage 3

Useful materials for Key Stages 3 and 4

A fun test of knowledge. Site includes worksheets & historical quizzes, some free, some require membership. Aimed at KS3

Information about how the Civil War impacted on ordinary people in Chester

Article about the Worcestershire Clubmen by Professor Ronald Hutton

A good reliable background information on Cromwell

A range of articles on different aspects of the period including including Cromwell and the Civil War

The National Archives own site with a great range of information drawing on their own collections to produce guidance for both teachers and students, along with suggested work for the classroom. It includes ‘Was the Cromwellian Protectorate a military dictatorship?’ Professor Barry Coward discusses the nature of the leadership of Britain’s most controversial Head of State.

A personal site with a mass of material on Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate

Research and Source materials

Detailed information and links to some source materials…

A major project on Civil War petitions from maimed soldiers and war widows.

Campaign to save The London, a vessel from Cromwell’s navy sunk off Southend.

The background to the on-going research project about Parliament in the 17th century

A fantastic range of source material is now accessible on the web via the British History on Line site

The Tangye Collection at the Museum of London

(Although some are subscription-based a great deal is freely available, including the Cromwell Association’s Directory of Parliamentary Officers. Within the site there are some real mines waiting to be quarried by historians of all interests for example, Thurloe’s State papers and the Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum.)

The collections of the National Gallery are searchable by sitter, enter Oliver Cromwell in the search box

The Thomason Tracts Collection at the British Library form key material for the period, but the content is behind a pay-wall

A guide to materials relating to John Milton

Provides access to a range of source on 17th Century literature

A letter from Cromwell to his brother in law after the Battle of Marston Moor

Text of the Directory of Public Worship

Text of the Instrument of Government

The full text of John Prestwich’s Respublica which has a lot of information about the Cromwell family and Oliver Cromwell’s funeral

Pepys Diary site, not directly related to Cromwell but lots of useful background to the period

An American site with a wide range of information and links to other sites and sources

The papers of Samuel Hartlib (1600-1662)

The 1641 Depositions in Trinity College Dublin

This site gives access to the full transcription of the Putney Debates of 1647

The Fairclough collection of 17th century portraits held at the University of Leicester

Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars

Related societies and organisations

The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon. A key collection of portraits, objects and ephemera associated with Oliver Cromwell

The Sealed Knot- Information about events and activities of the re-enactment society

The other major re-enactment society

John Hampen Society’s site

John Bunyan Society

John Bunyan Museum

The Battlefield Trust – information about key engagements of the civil wars

The new civil war centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire – the only comprehensive exhibition about the civil wars

The Honourable Artillery Company – The Artillery Garden

Oliver Cromwell’s House in Ely

The Commandery in Worcester – a civil war attraction and exhibition focussing on the part played by Worcester in the civil wars.


Lyric of the Monty Python song about Cromwel

Lyric of a traditional song about Cromwell