Revision Area

On these pages you will find suggestions for revision exercises which have been contributed by a variety of teachers – to help you, I have grouped them under the same headings we are using for articles and I have also tried to indicate which Board the exercise was created for  [although in most cases the exercises apply to more than one Board]. I have also included a selection of student-friendly articles which might prove useful too. This is where I hope we can help each other.. send me any revision exercise you have and I will upload them onto the site so that everyone can use them.

Oliver Cromwell – biography

Interview with Angela Anderson – War (ALL)

Reasons for Parliaments Victory

When did the Civil War become inevitable (part 1) (ALL)

When did the Civil War become inevitable (part 2) (ALL)

Civil War – Building Armies (ALL)

Civil War – Building Armies Answers (ALL)

Parliament did not win the first civil war 1642-1646, the King lost it.’ To what extent to you agree with this assertion? (Seel) (AQA)

The seven main factors which accounted for the Parliamentary victory (AQA)

Big picture (ALL)

Historiography of the Civil War (EDEXCEL)

The search for settlement during 1646-49 and reasons for failure

Quiz (ALL)

New ideas and religious radicals and groups

John Lilburne (ALL)

The role of Cromwell – his aims and motivation

Who were Cromwell’s enemies? (AQA)

Cromwell and Parliament

Instabilty of the Interregnum 1649-60 (AQA)

Instrument of Government (diagram) (ALL)

Brainstorm why the Rump and the Barebones failed (AQA)

The Rump (ALL)

Introduction and conclusion of why the Rump and Barebones failed (AQA)

Cromwell’s aims and how the Instrument addressed these aims (AQA)

Cromwell’s relationship with the Protectorate Parliaments (AQA)

Turning points during Protectorate (AQA)

Cromwell and Foreign Policy

Protectorate foreign policy (AQA)

Failure of the republic and the restoration settlement

How far was the Protectorate a military dictatorship (AQA)

Articles useful for revision

Charles I – Richard Cust

Charles I – Not a bad king after all – Graham Seel

Why was Charles executed – Barry Coward

Cromwell – Richard Wilkinson

Oliver Cromwell Interpretations – Coward, Barnard and Gaunt

Oliver Cromwell and Parliaments – David Smith

Offering the Crown to Cromwell – Patrick Little

The Cromwellian Protectorate – Graham Goodlad